What is ScopriCalabria

ScopriCalabria is a brand owned by TopClass Srl, a tour operator specialized in travels organization. 
The result is a series of territorial experiences in southern Italy, in particular in Calabria, divided in cultural, food and wine, nature and sports tourism areas, represents the core project. Moreover, there is the possibility to choose “Calabria in drops”: short routes, tiny territorial fragments focused on culture, tradition and wellness.
Therefore the territory, in according to our philosophy, automatically becomes the main character of this touristic experience, in particular through the logic of “Open Voucher Calabria” network, an innovative booking system that allows you to freely explore every place you are interested in, choosing time by time the preferred attraction and the nearest structure where to spend the night.

Dough, ScopriCalabria gleans from local resources as a treasure chest, it grasps the opportunities and transform them into usable proposals, experiences that become chances of knowledge and cultural enrichment.